Vaximax is a biotechnology company which is developing a vaccine against malaria.
Malaria is a major public health issue, with a currently estimated 655,000 deaths annually and over 200 million clinical cases.
No vaccine exists to date.
Vaximax intends to produce a malaria vaccine that:
  • provides more effective, lasting protection than other candidate vaccines,
  • can be produced at a reasonable cost.


These objectives are based on Vaximax's pre-clinical results, patent portfolio as well as the strong expertise of its founders in this field, in particular as it relates to:
  •  the choice and combination of relevant protein antigens and adjuvants for vaccine compositions targeting our pathology of interest,
  • rare knowledge of relevant technology platforms for the production of the selected recombinant protein antigens.
The Company is owned by its two founders and is located at the Genopole, France's largest biopark, south of Paris.